Go for a perfect salad!


Fiskars Finland


We were asked to innovate and design the next generation of Fiskars Functional Form kitchen tools. The aim was to nourish the Fiskars brand promise to make perfect tools for total kitchen management – to bring a touch of orange to everything Fiskars does.


Working closely with the Fiskars Design Team, we took the user perspective. How can kitchen tools really help improve the results in the kitchen? And how can even the simplest things be made better and smarter? As a result we created a large set of kitchen tools such as pans and casseroles, utensils, a salad spinner, slicers and peelers, knives and sharpeners, cutting stations and other essential products that have a little extra functionality – a touch of orange – on them.

We delivered

Concept development, 2D/3D sketching, Prototyping, CMD, Mechanical engineering