Award winning forest harvester cabin design for Ponsse




Designing the new Ponsse Scorpion harvester cabin was a comprehensive undertaking, and included everything from early concept work and user insight to final production and roll-out of the product.

A human-centred design approach was utilised throughout the project, with an emphasis placed on gaining a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of the harvester operators and associated stakeholders through in-depth interviews, observations and co-creation workshops.

Harvester operators work alone in a stressful environment, where cognitive load is high and decisions made under time pressure can have a direct impact on pay. Due to the nature of the job, which requires operators to sit for long periods of time, ergonomic working conditions were a priority. This includes everything from improved viewing angles and lighting to a more comfortable and easier to set-up operators seat and cabin environment.

A more user-friendly operating system that provides essential information at-a-glance enables operators to focus more of their time on the task at hand — selecting and harvesting trees. Material choices that feel soft to the touch and provide acoustic dampening further enhance the cabin atmosphere, and together with the thoughtful layout aim to cut down on small annoyances and stressors, and create a more enjoyable working environment.

Better viewing angles increase driver confidence and precision when driving in steep or otherwise challenging terrain and improved comfort and usability within the cabin reduce stress levels — resulting in operators who are more comfortable, more precise, and more efficient in their work.

The Scorpion cabin was awarded the Red Dot: Best of the Best [2021] award — the highest in its category.


The Ponsse Scorpion cabin represents the state-of-the-art in forest harvester cabin design and is the result of a multi-year collaborative effort between Aivan and Ponsse. Ponsse is one of the largest manufacturers of cut-to-length forest machines globally and produces forest harvesters with long reach and excellent hillside operation capabilities.

We delivered

Research & insight, co-creation, concept development, prototyping, 2D/3D sketching, mechanical engineering, manufacturing coordination