Fennia Prize 14 Exhibition design


Design Forum Finland


The task was to create the design for the Fennia Prize 14 exhibition at Design Forum Showroom. Their range of displayed products is wide, going from mobile apps and services to seriously heavy machinery, and this versatility was at the core of the exhibition design. The exhibition goes on the road after closing in Helsinki, so special attention needed to be given to logistical issues as well.


We wanted to create a space that would let the Fennia Prize winners take the center stage, so we kept the design neutral and simple. The walls of the exhibition space are lined with perforated sheets, and instead of trying to hide this pattern, we opted to accentuate it by adding the pattern to the placards used throughout the exhibition space. The podiums are designed to fit the smaller exhibited items inside and keep them safe during shipment from one location to another.

We delivered

Exhibition design / Graphic Design by Design Forum Finland / Photography by Valtteri Hirvonen


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