New restaurant concept for VR


VR railway company


VR wanted to create the world’s best restaurant concept on rails, to seamlessly serve the different needs of over 3,5 million passengers.


Our aim was to create a concept that would attract passengers to the restaurant car, by improving the experience and congeniality through the service and brand as an entity.

The renewed restaurant car is an epitome of Finland and its inhabitants; forthright, easily approachable and honest. The witty visual appearance and down-to-earth identity has been welcomed by both passengers as well as staff, and the commercial objectives have been exceeded.

We delivered

Research & Insight, Brand strategy, Brand Communication, Concept development, 2D/3D sketching, Prototyping, CMD, Naming, Identity Design, Tone of Voice, Interior design, Packaging design, Signage. Illustrations by Sanna Manner.

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