OsCare Sono – Osteoporosis detection device


OsCare Medical


We were given the task to design a light-weight and mobile device for cost-efficient measuring of bone-density. At the start of the project, OsCare Medical was a start-up with no clear design DNA, so we were defining the design language and identity of the company while designing the product itself.


The design effort was a collaboration, with the client’s engineers and the team at Aivan working closely together to ensure the designed product corresponds with legislation on medical devices. There is no ionizing radiation involved, so the scan does not require a special room with radiation shielding and the procedure is not restricted to a hospital setting. The process of scanning is therefore very humane, and this is something we wanted the design to reflect.

We delivered

Concept development, 2D/3D sketching, Prototyping, CMD, UI design, Identity design, Print design


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