Ramirent Outlet Concept




We were asked to innovate and design Ramirent’s branded spaces, mainly the rental outlets, so that these breath, look and feel the brand promise of the companyRamirent operates 340 rental outlets globally.


The Outlet redesign is based on a renewed brand platform and deep understanding of user insights. We created a concept on how to turn Ramirent’s brand strategy to a tangible brand experience, in outlets ranging from large to small, cost-efficient stores. We developed an overall store concept, with both the exterior and the interior design of the stores. The concept is a modular platform with clearly defined service concepts, signage, interior architecture, fixtures, materials & colors. After piloting the first store we developed the concept further, making it more versatile: service points, shop-in-shop concepts, mobile stores, flagship stores… Finally, the process and the outcome were documented in the Ramirent Outlet Guidelines.

We delivered

Research & insights, Concept development, Brand Communication, Service map, Customer journey map, Retail design, Print, Signage, Manufacturing coordination, Brand guidelines


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