Wireless speaker for Unmonday




The brief was to create a wireless multi-channel speaker without compromising on sound quality. An intelligent audio system, no less. A revolutionary product, and a brand to go with it.


The Unmonday Model 4.3 is the world’s first wireless multi-channel speaker. The user interface is embedded, literally, in the design itself. We chose vitro-porcelain for the speaker body because for its sleek looks, but also for its durability and complete transparency for a strong wi-fi connectivity. We added a contrasting texture with a canvas grill. Also the insides were built to last; the software can be updated easily with an app, and the hardware is replaceable, if needed, as it fastens with a simple snap-lock. Unmonday Model 4.3 was shortlisted in the Cannes Lions Product Design category.

We delivered

Concept Development, 2D/3D Sketching, Prototyping, CMD, UI Design, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Coordination


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